Interview & Article for WOUB Public Media (8/6/2020): Interview about upcoming performance for the Virtual Nelsonville Music Festival, history as a songwriter and musician, and experiences as a performer during the pandemic. ( Click for link )

Article for WOUB Public Media (10/12/2017): Article about Caitlin’s path as both a songwriter and musician as well as a music therapist. ( Click for link )

Photo by Drake Withers

Interview for Talking Studio (9/14/2017): Interview with Daniel King focusing on the power of music as a catalyst for change in music therapy and counseling. Also features original music. ( Click for link )

Review by Pop Press International (6/13/2016): “Like catching a glimpse of some glimmering object in the distance of a dim, dusky forest, Caitlin Kraus’ songs hinge on dark melody but offer surprising flashes of lilting lightness. Kraus Torres will release a 7-inch this week via new Austin label Keeled Scales. Consisting of two songs, ‘Waiting for the World’ and ‘Dead Man,’ the untitled effort yields a pair of songs similar in their easy, drifting ambiance. The former draws the listener in with steady strums before revealing lovely strings; the latter canters along almost playfully with twinkling piano.”
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Photo by Bryan C. Parker at Sahara Lounge in Austin, TX

OVRLD Austin Music First (6/13/2016): “On her new single ‘Waiting for the World,’ Caitlin Kraus’ sweetly shimmering voice rises out of an oceanic musical backing, giving the track a melancholic feel, like a reinterpretation of The Awakening’s bitter conclusion. Kraus’ voice is powerful but not in a bombastic sense, it’s instead devastating in its emotional richness. The well-arranged strings that emerge after the beginning of the song aid in this, making ‘Waiting for the World’ an excellent bit of chamber pop that stands out for the frequently unimaginatively produced singer songwriter tracks Austin is oversaturated with.” ( Click for link )