What Rises (2020)

Recorded at Peachfork Studios in Pomeroy, OH, this 13-song album features Matt Box on electric bass, Bernie Nau on keyboard and background vocals, Mark Hellenberg on drums, John Borchard on electric 12-string and pedal steel, Hannah Stewart on violin and background vocals, and Chris Biester on electric guitar as well as Caitlin herself on lead vocals and electric and acoustic guitar.

*NEW* full-length debut album What Rises can be purchased as a digital download on Bandcamp, the iTunes Store, Apple Music, and Google Play. Also available for streaming on Spotify and Pandora. (Click each platform for a link )

CDs will be available for purchase beginning mid-September with a specific date to be announced soon! CDs are $15 and packaged in an eco-friendly panel wallet (see below). They can be easily purchased through Bandcamp. (If this method of payment does not work for you, we can discuss options and feel free to contact me at my email caitlin.kraus@hotmail.com.) CD shipments will be made each Friday on a weekly basis. If you live around the Athens, OH area, stay posted for availability at local stores and I am more than happy to hand-deliver.